Insurance Agencies

Customized IT solutions to help obtain customer information faster and generate insurance quotes more efficiently.

With the state of today’s economy, there is not a better time for your Insurance agency to control IT spending, and at the same time, improve your IT infrastructure for stability and security. This will allow your agency to increase your productivity and have peace of mind.

Technology Challenges
  • High availability of Internet or Intranet agency portal that allow most major insurance companies to obtain rate quotes, applications, policy forms on demand, etc.
  • Customer Resource Management (CRM) software allowing agents to track prospects, demographic data, input follow-up reminders, notes, and communications.
  • High availability of critical line of business applications for increased productivity
  • High availability of data redundancy for stability needs
  • Company and client data must be private and protected at all times
  • Abiding by compliance regulations such as the Patriot Act requiring agents to report suspicious transactions, AML laws, and other audits


The CVTech Approach

CVTech Care is designed to help significantly reduce or eliminate your computer and network related problems in your insurance agency. This helps to improve your IT infrastructure’s speed, performance, and stability, without having to put a full-time IT staff person on payroll. By acting as your in-house IT department, we will:

  • Proactively maintain your IT infrastructure to help significantly reduce or eliminate network downtime
  • Seccure your company and client data
  • Provide unlimited access to our help desk when issues arise
  • Maintain all of your line of business applications to ensure they work smoothly
  • Help increase your company’s billable hours

Insurance Agency Solutions from CVTech Computers

  • Proactive 24×7 Network Monitoring and alerts for critical issues facing your IT infrastructure using CVTech Care
  • Remote access to your office using VPN through our network implemenation solutions
  • A website that allows to obtain customer information online to help generate a quote faster
  • Whole disk encryption to secure your data in case of theft and to stay in compliance
  • Small Business Server to host your Line of Business Applications for your insurance agency’s employees to share
  • Data Backup solutions to protect your data and retrieve it when needed
  • Provide unlimited access to our help desk when issues arise
  • Protect your insurance agency from viruses, spyware, and spam, as well as controlling Internet browsing behavior of employees using our Perimeter Firewall solution

Here are some line of business applications that your insurance agency might be using:

- ACT!
- SunGard iWorks
- Salesforce CRM
- And more…
- Strategic Insurance Software
- Goldmine CRM
- Premium Ware

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